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A pair of ears walked into a bar…no that’s not how it works! Ears are always attached to a body and bodies are dynamic, interconnected systems. Ears are influenced by the things we eat and drink, medications we take, and our health habits such as exercise and sleep. If there is a problem with the heart effecting circulation, the ears can suffer, too. In fact, many health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease have an effect on the ears. Check out the infographic from the Better Hearing Institute below to learn more.

Who should have a hearing test?

Everyone over the age of 50 should have a baseline hearing test done. At this test our audiologists will assess risk factors and determine a proper re-test schedule. For example, people with no risk factors (family history, noise exposure, or a health condition that could affect the ears) may not need to be tested for 3 years unless a perceived problem arises. On the other hand, if a person has diabetes or kidney disease or has a noisy hobby, an annual hearing test may be warranted.

At the Hearing Wellness Center, our audiologists ask lots of questions about your lifestyle to help create a Customized HearWell program that includes recommendations around diet and exercise. Check out our Nutrition Page to learn more.