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Audiologist’s Choice Anti-Itch Cream $6.50

Helps relieve itchy ears. No sting, no stain. 1% Hydrocortisone Cream USP

Audinell Cleaning Spray - travel size $6.00, full size $12.00

The specially developed Audinell Gel makes the fitting and removing of the Hearing Aid, Ear mold or Hearing Protection easier. The Gel allows a better tolerance of the Hearing Aid and prevents irritations and skin problems. It is formulated to minimize the risks of allergies.

Audinell Ear Gel $4.00

The specially developed Audinell Gel makes the fitting and removing of the Hearing Aid, Ear mold or Hearing Protection easier. The Gel allows a better tolerance of the Hearing Aid and prevents irritations and skin problems. It is formulated to minimize the risks of allergies.

Audinell Odinell Earwax Removal Spray $10.00

Recommended for hearing aid users or those with excessive earwax production. Its cerumenolytic solution is gentle enough for the regular cleansing of the ear canal and removal of residual wax.

Audinell Cleaning Set Starter Kit $20.00

10 individual cleaning wipes, 1 cleaning spray with brush, 2 drying cups, and 1 large drying capsule.

Audinell Perfect Clean Drying System $125.00

A Medical Device for the maintenance and the storage of all types of hearing aids, through a combination of an air fan dehumidifier system and 360° UV-C radiation.

Audinell Perfect Clean Refill Cartridge $15.00

Antibacterial refill for the PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System.

Audinell PerfectDry $70.00

Quick 45 minute drying cycle with automatic switch off.

Audinell Drying Kit $6.00

Place your hearing device in the Drying Cup. Leave the capsule to act overnight. The next day, your hearing device will be completely dry! The desiccant lasts approximately 3 months. Kit includes one drying cup and one drying capsule.

Audinell Drying Capsule $6.00

The capsule will act overnight to remove moisture and the next day the hearing aids will be dry.

Audinell Surface Wipes, 30 count canister $6.50

Audinell® cleansing wipes were specially designed for occasional maintenance. Easy and quick to use. Contain a surface-active agent, which is every effective against earwax. Antimicrobial components are more effective and are less aggressive on plastics and resins. Canister of 30 wipes.

Audinell Surface Wipes, individually wrapped $6.50

Audinell® cleansing wipes were specially designed for occasional maintenance. Easy and quick to use, they come in individual packs and are ideal for travelling and they also comply with the new aviation regulations. Contain a surface-active agent, which is every effective against earwax. Antimicrobial components are more effective and are less aggressive on plastics and resins. Box of 30 individually wrapped wipes.

EarWax MD $18.00

Earwax MD is a safe and clinically proven way to clean away earwax in 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the severity of wax buildup.

ProEar Miracell $14.00

Safe-Gentle-Natural. A concentrated blend of highest quality botanicals help stop itch, soothe irritations, and softens ear wax.

SoundOasis Sleep Sound Therapy System $100.00

Highly recommended for tinnitus patients who experience difficulty sleeping. Comes with two sound cards: Ear Therapy and Spa Retreat.

Ear Gear Hearing Instrument Armor $29.99

Simple, Easy-to-use protection from dirt, moisture and loss for your hearing instrument.

Ety Plugs Ready-to-wear Musician Plugs $20.00

High fidelity earplugs use a unique construction that reduces sound levels evenly across the frequency range, without changing the clarity of speech or the richness of music. Music and speech remain clear but quieter and safer.
(sizes standard and large)

Battery Tester $12.99

CaddyLED 3 tools in 1: LED flashlight, Hearing Aid Battery Tester, Plus extra Battery Storage Drawer, alll in one lightweight, keychain tool!

Ear Band-It Ultra $15.95

Neoprene band for swimming and bathing. Keeps ears dry, especially when combined with earplugs.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools $2.00 each

Special tools designed specifically for cleaning the tiny and delicate components of hearing aids. Multi-tools include cleaning loop, brush and battery magnet.

Wax Filters $8.00

Each manufacturer has specific wax filters designed for their instruments. Be sure to specify which brand of filters you would like.

Domes $10.00

Domes should be changed when they become cracked, blocked, or brittle. Each manufacturer has at least one type of dome and in many shapes and sizes. Compare your dome to the charts below to determine which one works for you. Still unsure? Call us, we have your information on file.

Batteries $8.00 per pack/ $6.00 per pack for HearWell Battery Club members

$80.00 per carton/$60.00 per carton for HearWell Battery Club members.
*Best Value* for HearWell Battery Club Members: Buy one carton at discounted member rate, get one half price! That’s $90.00 for 160 batteries!,
Our batteries are always fresh and long-lasting. Batteries come in four different sizes. We also carry rechargeable options.
Size 10, Size 312, Size 13, Size 675

HearWell Battery Club Enrollment Fee $25.00

Our card-carrying members enjoy the discounts of buying in bulk without worry of batteries expiring. Load as many packs of batteries as you like at your discounted rate to your HearWell Battery Club card and pick them up as needed. You get fresh batteries whenever you need them and at a great price!

Hearing Aid Accessories


easyTek™ $300

The easyTek offers you more hearing convenience in many situations. Via wireless technology, it links your hearing instrument(s) to the expanding world of audio devices and helps you hear the television, listen to music or talk on the phone.

eCharger™ $175

Eliminate hearing aid battery hassles with Siemens eCharger. Simply place your hearing aids in the eCharger and in six hours they are refreshed, dehumidified, and ready for your busy day. The eCharger also reduces battery waste, making it eco-friendly.

easyPocket™ $200

The easyPocket is a user-friendly remote control with built-in, easy-to-read color display to change volume and program settings. Also features an alarm clock setting and a key lock switch to keep settings safe.

VoiceLink™ $175

VoiceLink works with miniTek as a combination Bluetooth transmitter and separate microphone that streams a companion’s voice directly to miniTek. The wearer can hear their compantion’s speech from up to 65 feet away as if they were standing only inches apart. VoiceLink is especially usef for noisy environments like a busy restaurant, crowded room, or large group gathering such as a conference.


Uni-Dex $150.00

A neck-worn device compatible with most recent mobile phones as well as audio equipment or devices. Streams sound directly to hearing aids from audio sources such as a stereo, tablet or computer. In-built microphone allows hands-free talking when using a mobile or Skype.
Features: Connects to all devices with 3.5mm jack output; Streams automatically; Built-in microphone for hands-free talking; Battery life 40 hours when streaming; Battery recharges in 1 hour; Room Off feature.

RC-Dex $150.00

A stylish, compact and user-friendly remote control that gives wearers better control of selected hearing aid functions. Allows the wearer to adjust volume and change between programs quickly and discreetly. Small enough to fit on a key ring.
Features: Program toggle; Volume control; Key ring attachment; Approximately 12 months of battery life.

TV-Dex $325.00

A palm-sized, user-friendly wireless assistive listening device designed for enjoying TV and audio. Allows up to 10 hours of uninterrupted stereo TV or HIFI sound between recharges.
Features: High quality audio; Ultra-low delay “EchoFree™”; Inputs for both TV and HIFI systems; Room Off feature; 10 hours non-stop capacity; Rechargeable using the TV-Base.

M-Dex $350.00

A powerful and user-friendly device for managing mobile phones and hearing aids. Reproduces phone conversations directly into wearers’ hearing aids. Features the unique Room Off function which turns the hearing aids’ microphones off temporarily so wearers can only hear their mobile phone.
Features: Direct wireless connection to mobile phones via Bluetooth; Advanced hearing aid remote control with color display’ Room Off; FreeFocus; 5 hours constant use/5 days standby; Recharges as a mobile phone using a wall plug; Integrated telecoil, Input for personal audio devices.

Phone-Dex $350.00

An all-purpose, cordless phone that streams crystal clear and natural sound directly to your hearing aids. Provides the best possible listening experience for the wearer- without using a telecoil program or streamer.
Features Range to base up to 900 ft; Phonebook for 50 numbers; 100 hours of standby time and 10 hours call time on battery; Can also be used as a regular phone- a phone for the whole family.

Dry-Go UV $125.00

The Widex Dry-Go UV electronic drying station is a smart, convenient way to help protect your hearing investment. Small, portable and easy to use, the Dry-Go UV cleans and dries your hearing aids overnight. Dry-Go UV helps optimize hearing aid reliability and performance.

Call-Dex $125.00

Discreet streaming from mobile phones. Plug and play.

Com-Dex $225.00

Binaural phone capability that wirelessly connects to Bluetooth enabled phones paired to the COM-DEX device for hands-free phone use.

FM-Dex $295.00

FM, telecoil, and DAI device that is compatible with all FM receivers that allows for 10-14 hours of continuous use.


Connectline MiniMicrophone $200

The ConnectLine Microphone allows Oticon hearing instrument users to receive direct input from communication partners for an improved signal-to-noise ratio in difficult listening environments. ConnectLine Microphone is especially useful in challenging situations such as noisy restaurants, lectures, communicating at a distance, at home, or in the car.

Connectline Phone Adapter $125

The Oticon ConnectLine (TM) Phone adapter is a Bluetooth interface between the conventional landline phone installation and the Oticon Streamer which in effect turns a pair of hearing instruments into a wireless headset. It enables the client to access the home phone by using Streamer while offering outstanding sound quality, improved intelligibility and hands free home usage at home. As part of the ConnectLine system, the Phone adapter works seamlessly and imultaneously with other ConnectLine applications such as cell phone, TV and music player.

Connectline TV Adapter $175

The Oticon ConnectLine TV adapter takes the TV sound and wirelessly transmits a high fidelity signal to the Streamer for an optimal TV experience. This dedicated solution for TV listening is easy to install and creates a high-end, natural sounding TV experience – free of noise or artifact. As part of the ConnectLine system, the TV application stays connected by the AutoConnect feature and works seamlessly and simultaneously with other applications such as home phone, cell phone and music player.

Connectline Streamer Pro $260

Streamer Pro is the gateway to wireless connectivity and the heart of the Oticon ConnectLine system. Streamer Pro empowers today’s Oticon wireless hearing instrument users to more effectively participate in many everyday situations that can be especially difficult for communication.Streamer Pro offers Bluetooth connections to most cell phones, enabling hands-free headset functionality for phone conversations, as well as options for audio and FM and Telecoil features. ConnectLine also includes dedicated solutions for TV, landline phones, and a remote companion Microphone for one-on-one conversations.

Connectline Remote Control $175

Discreet and convenient, the Oticon Remote Control allows users to adjust volume and switch between programs on Oticon wireless instruments.


Unite MiniMicrophone $215

The Unite Mini Microphone allows you to stream voices and sound directly to your hearing aids.

Unite Phone Clip+ $225

The Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. So you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even in noisy places. When not on the phone, the Phone Clip+ works as a hearing aid remote control. Or use the new ReSound Control™ app for cutting-edge control from your smartphone.

Unite Remote Control $215

The Unite Remote Control allows you to change programs and adjust volume easily and discreetly.

Unite TV Streamer $300

The Unite TV Streamer offers you crystal clear stereo sound streamed directly to your ears from up to 7 meters away.