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The Hearing Wellness Center and Tinnitus Treatment Center was founded in 2012 by Dr. Sara K. Downs and Dr. Jonathan P. Gervais. Both doctors had over a decade of experience before venturing out on their own to bring their own style and philosophy to hearing healthcare. They are true pioneers in the holistic approach to audiology. During their careers as audiologists they became acutely aware of not only how hearing loss affects the person’s whole life but also how the health of the whole person affects the ability to hear and listen. Most hearing care practices (especially those without an audiologist on staff), will be happy to fit people with hearing aid technology and call it good. At Hearing Wellness Center, Optimal Hearing is the goal for every patient and that is achieved through the Customized HearWell process the doctors developed when they founded the clinic.

The Optimal Hearing diagram shows how Hearing Aid Technology is only one part of the solution offered to patients. The doctors developed a training program that can be done individually or in groups to motivate patients to take an active role in their hearing healthcare. Patients learn not only how to use their hearing aid technology but also how to protect their hearing, how to feed their ears nutritious foods and water, and patients also practice listening strategies. In some cases, patients also require listening retraining (because listening is an action and hearing is passive).

The Tinnitus Treatment Center is the first of its kind in the region. Click Here to learn more.